We've presented a range of plants, native to diverse parts of the world, some of which are also available globally.

The idea is to find plants that you're familiar with in your area and learn what your local plant-life has to offer.

The rule of thumb is that local plants match their needs to the environment, which, it just so happens, are the same things that local insects, birds and animals need.
  • Not all medicinal uses listed here have been scientifically proven to the satisfaction of the FDA.
  • While the FDA is often criticised, the standard of proof required for approval stops many fraudulent claims, which has saved a great many lives.
  • Researchers troll and exploit tribal healers who have posessed the knowledge for sometimes thousands of years.
  • Most modern drugs in use today are herbal based.
  • Less than 20% of the world's plant resources have been studied.
  • Many older studies are outdated due to improvements in technology.
While we've listed the known benefits that a plant provides, we haven't provided the recipies or dosages required to obtain a specific benefit because that's best left to your personal professional health provider.